Wrestling Heaven The Great American Bash
Promotion Wrestling Heaven
Date February 7, 2012
Venue ARCO Arena
Sacramento, California
Theme Song "Move to the Music" by American Bang
Last Event Wrestling Heaven Intense Rules
Next Event Wrestling Heaven Night of Champions
The fourth CPV/PPV of Wrestling Heaven Season 1 is The Great American Bash. It is also a SmackDown exclusive CPV. This is a very patriotic show.

Match Results

Match # Results Stipulation Brand
Pre-Show Ricky Steamboat def. Santino Marella Singles Match SmackDown
1 Kaval def. Cody Rhodes (c) Singles Match for the Wrestling Heaven Cruiserweight Championship SmackDown
2 Michelle McCool (c) def. Kaitlyn Singles Match for the Wrestling Heaven Women's Championship SmackDown
3 The Rock def. Rey Mysterio 2 Out of 3 Falls Match SmackDown
4 Sabu (c) def. John Bradshaw Layfield Singles Match for the Wrestling Heaven Million Dollar Championship SmackDown
5 Matt Hardy def. Rhino Extreme Rules Match to determine the #1 Contender for the Wrestling Heaven Extreme Championship SmackDown
6 Jeff Hardy def. Alberto Del Rio Singles Match SmackDown
7 Tyson def. Drew McIntyre (c) Singles Match for the Wrestling Heaven Intercontinental Championship SmackDown
8 Jake Roberts & Edge def. ShoMiz (c) Tag Team Match for the Wrestling Heaven Tag Team Championship SmackDown
9 CM Punk def. Wade Barrett Loser Leaves Wrestling Heaven Match SmackDown
10 Triple H def. Kurt Angle Steel Cage Match SmackDown
Main Event Dragon Slayer def. Batista (c) & Goldberg Triple Threat Match for the Wrestling Heaven World Heavyweight Championship SmackDown
v Wrestling Heaven
RAW Roster: AJ Styles · Brandon Adams · Chris Jericho · Chris Masters · Christian · Daniel Bryan · David Otunga · Dolph Ziggler · Ezekiel Jackson · Evan Bourne · "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan · John Cena · Kane · Kofi Kingston · Mark Henry · Matt Morgan · Mr. Anderson · MVP · Poison Bee · Randy Orton · Rob Van Dam · Ryan Lee · Shawn Michaels · Sheamus · Shelton Benjamin · "Stone Cold" Steve Austin · The Suspect · The Great Khali · Trey Curtis · Undertaker · Zack Ryder
SmackDown Roster: Alberto Del Rio · Batista · Big Show · Bret Hart · Brock Lesnar · Chavo Guerrero · CM Punk · Cody Rhodes · David Erro · Edge · Goldberg · Jack Swagger · Jake Roberts · Jeff Hardy · John Bradshaw Layfield · John Morrison · Justin Gabriel · Kaval · Kurt Angle · Lemarcus Carter · Matt Hardy · Paul London · Rey Mysterio · Roderick Strong · R-Truth · Sabu · Ted Dibiase · Terry Funk · The Brian Kendrick · The Miz · The Rock · The Ultimate Warrior · Trent Barreta · Triple H
Angels: Alicia Fox · Beth Phoenix · Brie Bella · Eve · Kaitlyn · Kelly Kelly · Layla · Maryse · Michelle McCool · Mickie James · Nikki Bella · Trish Stratus
Championships: Wrestling Heaven Championship · World Heavyweight Championship · United States Championship · Intercontinental Championship · World Tag Team Championship · Wrestling Heaven Tag Team Championship · Television Championship · Cruiserweight Championship · Extreme Championship ·Hardcore Championship (Defunct) · Million Dollar Championship (Defunct)
Events: Wrestling Heaven Retaliation · Wrestling Heaven Reconnaissance Day · Wrestling Heaven Intense Rules · Wrestling Heaven The Great American Bash · Wrestling Heaven Night Of Champions · Wrestling Heaven SummerSmash · Wrestling Heaven Bursting Point · Wrestling Heaven Heaven In A Cell · Wrestling Heaven Showboating Liberties · Wrestling Heaven Survivor Streak · Wrestling Heaven TLC · Wrestling Heaven Honorable Rumble · Wrestling Heaven Destruction Chamber · Wrestling Heaven WrestlePalooza

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