The Television Championship is problably the most overlooked Championship in Wrestling Heaven.

Won as a member of the Raw brand.
Won as a member of the SmackDown brand.

Wrestling Heaven Television Championship History

Wrestler Times Event Notes
Chris Jericho 1 N/A Inaugural Champion
Christian 1 Wrestling Heaven Episode 17 - Raw Defeated Chris Jericho for the Championship.
Chris Jericho 2 Wrestling Heaven Episode 27 - ShowDown Defeated Christian for the Championship.
Mr. Death/Chris Cruz 1 Wrestling Heaven Night of Champions Defeated Chris Jericho for the Championship in a Triple Threat Match, which also included Suspect.
Championship was vacated due to the release of Chris Cruz.
Daniel Bryan 1 Wrestling Heaven Episode 63 - Raw Defeated Zack Ryder for the vacant Championship.
Yoshi Tatsu 1 Wrestling Heaven Survivor Streak Defeated Daniel Bryan for the Championship.
David Otunga 1 Wrestling Heaven Episode 100 - Raw Supershow Defeated Yoshi Tatsu for the Championship.
Crimson 1 Wrestling Heaven Destruction Chamber Pre-Show Defeated David Otunga for the Championship.
The Miz 1 Wrestling Heaven WrestlePalooza Pre-Show Defeated Crimson, Curt Hawkins, Mark Henry, Suspect & Kazarian in a 6-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the Championship.
Christian 2 Wrestling Heaven The Great American Bash 2 Defeated The Miz for the Championship.
Gunner 1 Wrestling Heaven Bursting Point 2 Pre-Show Defeated Christian for the Championship.
  • 1 - Kane's music distracted Bryan, costing him the title at Survivor Streak.
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