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Acronym WGE
Establishment 2008
Youtube Username Wrestlingfan414
WGE is a CAW fed previously held on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 for the xbox 360 but has since switched to WWE '12 on the xbox 360. It has a roster that is mostly made up of WWE wrestlers, but with some TNA stars and a few original CAWs mixed in.

WGE HistoryEdit

Early Beginnings (Not Counted As WGE History)Edit

WGE (Wrestling Games Entertainment) was founded in late 2008 and started on the WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2009 game on the xbox 360. It only had actual wrestlers and no fictional wrestlers at all. It was recorded with a camera. It had a few episodes but then stopped. It returned in late 2009 on the WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010 game on the xbox 360 for 1 or 2 episode(s). It was also recorded with a camera.

Current PeriodEdit

Season 1Edit

In late 2010 it returned for the second time on the WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 game on the xbox 360. This time it was recorded using a Dazzle DVC100. In episode 2 it had a draft and after that Smackdown and Raw had seperate rosters and championships. WGE introduced the Superstars brand after the tenth episode. The Superstars brand is specifically for WGE jobbers and low-midcarders. It has had 40 episodes thus far and 3 cpvs, it is not planned to be stopped again. Season 1 of WGE has now ended.

Season 2Edit

WGE returned for Season 2 in January. WGE held its WGE Draft once again! Big names were announced in the draft! Suprising superstars were drafted to different brands! Tag Teams were created! Tag teams were split up! Championships were switched! The Board of directors are really looking out for this Season as Season 1 was uncontrollable! The Board thinks Vince McMahon has no control and will watch Season 2 to see how it plays out.

WGE Brands And ChampionshipsEdit

WGE has 3 separate brands: Raw, Smackdown and Superstars. Here are the WGE Championships:

Name Of Championship Current Title Holder
WGE Championship Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Championship Batista
WGE Intercontinental Championship Kofi Kingston
WGE United States Championship Jeff Hardy
WGE World Tag Team Championship Awesome Perfection
WGE Tag Team Championship Brothers Of Destruction
WGE Superstars Championship Andrew Hunter

WGE RosterEdit

Smackdown RosterEdit

Name Alignment Finisher Accomplishments In WGE
Alberto Del Rio Heel Cross Armbreaker
Abyss Heel Blackhole Slam
AJ Styles Face Styles Clash
Batista Face Beast Bomb

WGE Champion (x1)

Booker T Face Scissors Kick, Bookend
Brandon Adams Heel Final Revenger First Original CAW In WGE
Brian Kendrick Face Slice Bread
Brock Lesnar Heel F-5 World Heavyweight Champion (x1 & current)
Bubba Ray Dudley Heel Bubba Bomb
CM Punk Face GTS United States Champion (x1 & current)
Daniel Bryan Face Lebell Lock
D-Von Dudley Heel
Evan Bourne Face Airbourne
Jeff Hardy Face Swanton Bomb, Twist of Fate World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Mark Henry Heel Worlds Strongest Slam
Matt Hardy Face Twist of Fate World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Mr Anderson Heel Mic Check Intercontinental Champion (x1)
Paul London Face
R-Truth Unknown
Rey Mysterio Face 619 Intercontinental Champion (x1)
Sin Cara Face C4
Stone Cold Steve Austin Face Stunner World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Triple H Face Pedrigee WGE Champion (x1)
Undertaker Face Tombstone Piledriver, The Last Ride WGE Tag Team Champion (x1 current)
Wade Barrett Heel Wasteland World Heavyweight Champion (x1)

Raw RosterEdit

Name Alignment Finisher



Alex Riley Face Elevated DDT 1x Superstars Champion (First Ever Superstars Champion
Big Show Face KO Punch
Chris Jericho Heel

Walls Of Jericho


1x World Heavyweight Champion
Christian Face Killswitch 1x World Heavyweight Champion
Cody Rhodes Heel Cross Rhodes
David Otunga Heel
Dolph Ziggler Heel Zig-Zag 1x WGE World Tag Team Champion (/w The Miz) (Current)
Drew McIntyre Heel Future Shock 1x United States Champion
Edge Face Spear 1x WGE Champion (Current)
John Cena Face Attitude Adjustment
John Morrison Face Starship Pain
Justin Gabriel Face 450 Splash
Kane Face Chokeslam 1x WGE Tag Team Champion (w/ Undertaker) (Current)
Kofi Kingston Face


Trouble In Paradise

1x United States Champion
Kurt Angle Face

Angle Slam

Ankle Lock

Mason Ryan Face
Michael McGuillicutty Heel McGuillicutter
The Miz Heel Skull Crushing Finale 1x WGE World Tag Team Champions (/w Dolph Ziggler) (Current)
Randy Orton Heel


Punt Kick

Rob Van Dam Face Five Star Frog Splash
The Rock Heel

Rock Bottom

People's Elbow

1x WGE World Tag Team Champion (w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Shawn Michaels Face Sweet Chin Music
Sheamus Heel

High Cross

Brogue Kick

1x Intercontinental Champion (Current)
Tensai Heel

Superstars RosterEdit

Name Alignment Finisher Accomplishments In WGE
Chris Masters Face Masterlock
Ezekiel Jackson Heel Book of Ezekiel
Goldust Face Final Cut
The Hunter Face Spear
Jack Swagger Heel Gutwrench Powerbomb
Ryan Lee Heel Snapshot WGE Superstars Champion(1x)
Santino Marella Face Cobra
Ted DiBiase Face Dream Street
William Regal Heel Regalplex
Yoshi Tatsu Face Roundhouse Kick
Zack Ryder Face Rough Ryder


Season 1 CPV's

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