Acronym Virtual World Wrestling Entertainment
Establishment December, 2009
Youtube Username
V-WWE & V-ECW is a CAW show on YouTube.


  • RAW
  • Smackdown
  • V-ECW
  • Superstars



Name Align Finisher Accomplishments
Ace Heel Ace Breaker
Alberto Del Rio Heel Cross Armbreaker Current V-WWE Champion
Alex Venom Face Vemom Strike
 Big Show Face Chokeslam, WMD
Booker T Face Book End, Scissors Kick Current V-WWE Tag Team Champion
Brock Lesnar Face F-5 2 Time World Heavyweight Champion
Chris Jericho Heel Codebreaker Walls of Jericho
CM Punk Face GTS
Edge Face Spear 2 time World Heavyweight Champion
Flex Heel Flex Appeal 1 time High Flyin' Champion
Jacob Cass Heel Super Kick
Jeff Hardy Face Swanton Bomb
JJP Face X-Tric, X-Tric Kick Current V-ECW Champion
Kevin Nash Heel Jacknife Power Bomb
Kofi Kingston Face Trouble in Paradise, SOS 1 time Intercontinential Champion
Mason Ryan Face Ryan Bomb
Mr. Macho Heel Macho Effection, Macho Cutter, JM Breaker 1 time V-ECW Champion
The Miz Heel Skull Crushing Fanale
MVP Heel Drive-By Kick, Ballin 1 time Intercontinential Champion
Poison Bee Heel Poison Bomb
Razor Mafia Heel Dead End For You
Rey Mysterio Face 619, West Coast Pop Current V-WWE Tag Team Champion
The Rock Face Rock Bottom
R-Truth Heel The What's Up
Sin Cara Face Avalanche Flip Bottom, Armbar 1 time Intercontinential Champion
Steve Austin Face/Heel Stone Cold Stunner
Triple H Face Pedigree
Tyson Heel Spear, Tyson Hammer
Vader Heel Vader Bomb
 Zack Ryder Face Rough Ryder Current Internet Champion

Smackdown RosterEdit

Name Align Finisher Accomplishments
Arn Anderson Face AA Spinebuster
Ax Heel Power Bomb
Batista Face Batista Bomb 1 time V-WWE Champion
Brian Wilson Face Wilson Bomb
Chavo Guerrero Heel Frog Splash
Christian Heel Kill Switch
Cody Rhodes Heel Cross Rhodes
Daniel Bryan Face Lebel Lock
Dolph Ziggler Heel Show-Off Slam, Zig Zag
Eric Gibson Heel Gibson Bomb
Evan Bourne Face Air Bourne Current Cruiserweight Champion
Jack Swagger Heel Gutwrench Power Bomb
John Cena Face FU, Attitude Adjustment Current Word Heavyweight Champion, 1 time V-WWE Champion
John Morrison Face Moonlight Drive, Starship Pain 1 time High Flyin' Champion
Kane Heel Choke Slam from Hell
Mark Henry Heel Worlds Strongest Slam
Rex Heel Rip it Up
Santino Marella Heel The Cobra 1 time V-WWE Tag Team Champion
Shawn Michaels Face Sweet Chin Music Current V-WWE United States Champion
Sheamus Face The High Cross, Brogue Kick
Slash Phenominal Heel Slash Suplex
Smash Heel Smash it Down
Ted Dibiase Face

Dream Street

Current Million Dollar Champion
The Undertaker Face Tombstone PileDriver
Vladimir Kozlov Heel Power Bomb 1 time V-WWE Tag Team Champion
William Regal Heel Knee Trembler
Yoshi Tatsu Face High Kick, Flying Spin Kick

V-ECW RosterEdit

Alex Riley Face Hawaiian Smasher
Carlos Youngblood Heel Youngblood Driver
Justin Gabriel Face 450 Splash
Tyson Kidd Heel Code Blue
Ezekiel Jackson Face Spine Buster
Michael McGillicutty Heel McGillicutter
Heath Slater Heel Sweetness
David Otunga Heel One Hand Spine Buster
Goldust Face Neck Breaker
Wade Barrett Heel Wasteland
Husky Harris Heel Running Senton
GGP Face Spear 1 time V-ECW Champion
John Icon Face Alley Oop
Kyle Freeman Heel The Fuck You
Triple V Face The Verdict Current V-ECW World Champion
GUNGNIRIX Heel The Rokin' Blues DDT 1 time V-ECW Champion


V-WWE ChampionshipsEdit

RAW ChampionsEdit

V-WWE Championship Alberto Del Rio
V-WWE Tag Team Championship Rey Mysterio & Booker T
V-WWE Intercontinental Championship Sin Cara
V-WWE Million Dollar Championship Ted Dibiase
V-WWE Internet Champion Zack Ryder

Smackdown ChampionsEdit

V-WWE World Heavyweight Championship John Cena
V-WWE Hardcore Championship Alex Riley
V-WWE Cruiserweight Championship Evan Bourne
V-WWE United States Championship Shawn Michaels
V-WWE High Flyin' Champ The British Boy

V-ECW ChampionshipsEdit

V-ECW Championship JJP
V-ECW World Championship Triple V


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • V-WWE Come Get Some 2012:
  • V-WWE Cash Money 2012
  • V-WWE Royal Rumble 2012
  • V-WWE Prison Break 2012
  • V-WWE Wrestlemania 2
  • V-WWE Super RAW!!! (RAW CPV)
  • V-WWE Super V-ECW (V-ECW CPV)
  • V-WWE Super Smackdown (Smackdown CPV)
  • V-WWE Invasion 2012
  • V-WWE Extreme Rules 2012
  • V-WWE It's All About The Glory 2012
  • V-WWE Summer Mayhem 2012

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