Total Non-Stop Entertainment
Acronym TNE
Establishment 2011
Youtube Username rugbyleague3wii
Total Non-Stop Entertainment (TNE) is an ALL CAW SHOW and it is the 2nd CAW Show of rugbyleague3wii. Compared to Electric CAW Wrestling, TNE CAWs are more realistic, CAWs have better attires and storylines are better planned. ECW was also filmed with a camcorder but TNE is filmed with a Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder. In August 2011 TNE were throwing promos all over youtube they made promo's for Tyson (from Electric CAW Wrestling), They made titantrons for the #1 Contenders (Monzer Mazadeh & Omar Habul) along with other dark matches. They uploaded the intro and also had 6 Dark Matches. TNE Debuted their first episode on the 5th September 2011. All Caws in TNE have street fighting attires.

TNE are the founders of the CAW Wrestling Partnership.



  • RAW
  • SmackDown

Season 1 (5th September 2011 - 7th December 2011)

Final Ever Roster

Name Brand Align Finisher
Chris Jorgsten SmackDown Face STO
Cody Meyers SmackDown Tweener Boston Crab
Devon Aarons RAW Face Big Boot
Dude SmackDown Heel Cyclone
Gaz Tower RAW Face Sleeper Slam
Lewis Parks RAW Face 450 Neckbreaker
Lord of Darkness SmackDown Face Underhook Piledriver
Monzer Mazaydeh SmackDown Heel Arabian Powerbomb
Poison Bee SmackDown Face Awesome Facebuster
Ross Samuel Jones RAW Face RSJ Slam
Ryan Baxter RAW Heel Backstabber
Tyson SmackDown Face Spear
xXx RAW Heel xXx Driver


Name Brand Align Wrestlers Managed
Omar Habul SmackDown (Bias General Manager) Heel Monzer Mazaydeh, Dude, Ryan Baxter


Tag Teams and Stables

Tag Team Alumni


TNE World Heavyweight Championship

TNE Intercontinental Championship

TNE Tag Team Championship

Pay Per View / Click Per View

Season 1 CPV's

Special Events

  • TNE Superstar Tyson took part in the main event of Blazer's Halloween Havoc Event, where he lost in the event for the Havoc Underworld Championship.
  • At CAW Champions League's CAW[N]Spiracy a Steel Cage match will take place between Tyson & Monzer Mazaydeh.

Vivianverse Feud

In late 2011 Tyson and 12 other TNE Superstars were stolen by the Vivianverse members so they could use to job out to a developmental brand they created. Tyson (the owner of TNE) started putting up videos on youtube to tell the vivianverse members to "Get fucked" this started a real life feud between Tyson and the Vivianverse.


  • Started using former 2 time TNE Intercontinental Champion CJ without permission. Used for 18 matches
  • Bullshit trolling superstars were used. Mostly Gabe Athouse.
  • Claims that Tyson and Dude are deceased in CAW
  • A total of 24 matches were made

Rant videos

Tyson and BURB went back and forth with a war of words where Burb claims that she wins.


Tyson would make TNE Wrestlemania and with the success of it. it reach over 3,000 views while Burbmeerkat lost youtube subscribers, Tyson would say once and for all that with WWE '12 being so poor on the wii, he would invest in a playstation 3 and make a new show.

TNE Formulas

TNE CAWs are open to any CAW League (with my approval) There are formulas for them.