TNE Season 1

Dark Matches

  • Gaz Tower def. CJ

Episode 1

Episode 2

Doomsday for results, see Doomsday

Episode 3

  • Dude def. Deault Competitor

Episode 4

  • Default Competitor def. Dude by DQ



Eliminated By

Chris Jorgsten (w/ Ryan Baxter)



Devon Aarons


Chris Jorgsten (by Eye Poke, STO)

Gaz Tower


Chris Jorgsten (by STO)



Chris Jorgsten (by STO)



Chris Jorgsten (by STO)



Chris Jorgsten (by Chairshot to head when ref was hurt)

Episode 5

  • Default def. Dude by DQ

TNE Violence see TNE Violence

Episode 6

Episode 7

TNE Bash see TNE Bash.

Episode 8

Episode 9 - One match Speical Show Monzer Mazaydeh, CJ, Cody Meyers, Kid Punk, xXx, Ryan Baxter, Patriota, Dos Santos, Dude vs Gaz Tower, Lewis Parks, Tyson, Ross Samuel Jones, Chris Jorgsten, Devon Aarons, Lord of Darkness, Poison Bee in a Full Roster Gauntlet Match ended in Double DQ.

TNE Summerslam see TNE Summerslam.

Episode 10 - Draft Tyson gets Drafted to SmackDown

  • Classic Moment: Tyson wins the Electric CAW Wrestling Championship.

Poison Bee gets Drafted to SmackDown

  • Classic Moment: Poison Bee debuts in TNE

Monzer Mazaydeh get Drafted to Smackdown

Cody Meyers gets Drafted to Smackdown

  • Classic Moment: Cody Meyers wins the ASW Legends Championship.

Lord of Darkness gets Drafted to Smackdown

Chris Jorgsten gets Drafted to Smackdown

  • Classic Moment: Jorgsten turns on Ryan Baxter and turns face.

Kid Punk gets drafted to SmackDown

Dude gets Drafted to Smackdown

Omar Habul made SmackDown General Manager

Tyson def. xXx, Gaz Tower, Dude, Devon Aarons, Ryan Baxter in a Elimination Chamber Qualflying 6 man battle royal (winner get a spot in the Chamber for the TNE World Heavyweight Championship).

Episode 11 - RAW

Episode 12 - SmackDown

TNE Lockdown see TNE Lockdown.

Episode 13 - RAW

Episode 14 - Smackdown

  • [1]Poison Bee attacked xXx than Dude.

TNE King of the Ring see TNE King of the Ring

Episode 15 - RAW

Episode 16 - Smackdown

Episode 17 - RAW

Episode 18 - SmackDown

TNE Wrestlemania see TNE Wrestlemania.