Omar Habul
Ring Names Omar Habul
Billed From Amman, Jordan
Creator rugbyleague3wii
Shows TNE (Defunct)
Debut 2011
Omar Habul is a TNE and LWA manager. He manages Monzer Mazaydeh, Dude and Ryan Baxter in Omar Habuls Roundtable.

Total Non-Stop EntertainmentEdit

Habul managed Monzer Mazaydeh against Tyson to become #1 Contender for the TNE World Heavyweight Championship. Habul took the corner for Mazaydeh when he won the TNE World Heavyweight Championship. In episode 3 Habul was assulted by Tyson and Devon Aarons during a tag team match. In episode 4 Habul talked with Dude backstage asking him to be his client. In episode 7 Omar Habul interfered with a match.

SmackDown General ManagerEdit

In episode 10 he was made the SmackDown general manager.

LWA (2012-Present)Edit

On June 21, 2012 Omar Habul signed with LWA.

ECOW (2012-Present)Edit

After Watching, Lord Kentai in Action at a live event in Amman, Jordan Omar was inpressed of his actions and offered to Manage Him, Kentai Accepted his offer, Omar told Jack Pac during a interview at a Live Event, i will take Kentai to the top and make him a superstar, by the time i'm done with him he will be a Hall Of Famer. Omar made his debut on the 1 Year anniversary show where he was ejected from the match due to too many attacks on Kofi Kingston the man who was facing Kentai. On Velocity 12/18/12 Omar assisted Kentai again by interfering in his match with Tajiri.

Omar Habuls RoundtableEdit

Members: Monzer Mazaydeh, Dude, Ryan Baxter. It is Omar's Objective to make each one of his members a champion in the future.

In WrestlingEdit

Wrestlers Managed:

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Total Non-Stop Entertainment (as Manager)

  • TNE World Heavyweight Championship (3 times) with Monzer Mazaydeh (2), Ryan Baxter (1)

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