Lewis Parks
Ring Names Lewis Parks
Billed From Nashville, Tennessee
Creator rugbyleague3wii
Shows TNE (Defunct)
Debut 2011
Lewis Parks is a former TNE Superstar

Total Non-Stop EntertainmentEdit

Lewis Parks is signed to TNE. On Episode 1 Parks was in a 6 man battle royal for the TNE Intercontinetnal Championship but was unsuccessful. The following week Parks defeated Kid Punk to become #1 Contender for the Championship, he would take on Cody Meyers at Doomsday, in the same week Cody Attacked Parks, at reactions Parks said he will be Champion. Parks defeted Meyers by Disqualflation so Parks did not become champion. In episode 3 Parks became the TNE Intercontinal Champion defeating Cody Meyers in a steel cage match. Parks had a week off, but lost his next match against the TNE World Heavyweight Champion Monzer Mazaydeh and post match both men were attacked by Chris Jorgsten. At TNE Violence Parks would put his Intercontinal Championship on the line against both Cody Meyers and Kid Punk. Parks won at Violence. In episode 7 Parks lost a match to CJ and would put his IC title on the line at TNE Bash. Parks lost at Bash. On episode 8 Parks teamed with Chris Jorgsten in a winning effort against Ryan Baxter and CJ. In the Gauntlet in episode 9 Parks got sledgechoked by Dude to be taken out of the ring by a strecher. In episode 11 Lewis Parks & Gaz Tower lost ot The Luchadore Twins. In episode 13 RAW Parks defeated Devon Aarons to qualfly for TNE King of the Ring. On SmackDown the same week Parks teamed with Lord of Darkness defeating Team One to be in the King of the Ring final which he lost. On episode 15 Parks lost to xXx. On episode 17 Parks lost to Kid Punk by countout due to interference by xXx.

Season 2Edit

At TNE Wrestlemania a 4 way ladder match will take place for the Vacant TNE Intercontinental Championship between xXx, Tyson, Chris Jorgsten & Lewis Parks.

In WrestlingEdit

Finishing Moves:

  • Flyin' Global (450 Neckbreaker)

Signature Moves:

  • Astro Scissors Whip

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

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