Electric CAW Wrestling is Smackdown vs Raw 2011 video game based wrestling show.

Induction of ChampionshipsEdit

The face of ECW Battle Royal was held on episode 2. Which was won by CAW Superstar Tyson. The next week the night of Champions CPV's was made putting 3 vacated titles on the line. The 3 Championships are the Cruiserweight Championship, Heavyweight Championship and the ECW World Championship. These came in at the CPV night of Champions. The titles were won by Feature (Cruiserweight), Dazza (Heavyweight) and Saint P (World).

The first tag team in ECW was the L. James Brothers (Marcos and Justin) who was ment to take on Tyrone Kenny and Daddy White in their first week. But they attacked them. There was a tag team title match at Elimination Chamber which was won by the L. James Brothers.

A New BeginningEdit

Electric CAW Wrestling began a new Beginning at The Breaking Point PPV revealing New Nameplate with a new logo. On Episode 9 ECW GM Mario Berassi gave up his job. The new symbolies blue. On Episode 9 there was promos showing who the New General Manager is. On Episode 10 ECW was granted a new General Manager, Tiffany who made Elimination Chamber qualflying matches.


Main RosterEdit

Name Debut Finisher Style Align Highlights
Tyson Episode 1 Burning Hammer, Spear Brawler Face

Face of ECW, ECW Champion (1x) Current

Dazza Episode 1 Knee Trembler Brawler Face Heavyweight Champion (1x)
Feature Episode 1 Senton High-Flyer Face

Cruiserweight Champion (2x) Current

Saint P Episode 1 Power of Christ Dirty Heel ECW Champion (1x)
Brett Sydal Episode 1 450 Splash High-Flyer Face
Daddy White Episode 1 Samoan Drop Powerhouse Heel
Prince Nightmare Episode 1 Tombstone Piledriver Brawler Heel Heavyweight Champion (1x)
Doom Cooper Episode 3 Kyprotnie Crush Powerhouse Heel
Adam Bryant Episode 3 Moonsault, Crossface High-Flyer Face
Tyrone Kenny Episode 1 Suplex Piledriver Powerhouse Heel
Roy Diaz Episode 1 Diaz Choke Hold, Full Nelson Dirty Heel
Dez Episode 1 Full Nelson Slam, Neckbreaker Brawler Face
Chris Jericho Episode 5 Walls of Jericho Brawler Heel Cruiserweight Champion (1x)
Ted Dibiase Episode 6 Dream Street Brawler Face Heavyweight Champion (1x) Current
AJ Styles Episode 6 Styles Clash High-Flyer Face
Justin L. James Episode 7 Military Justice Powerhouse Face Tag Team Champions (1x) Current - With Marcos L. James
Marcos L. James Episode 7 Military Justice Powerhouse Face Tag Team Champions (1x) Current - With Justin L. James
Habib Hassan Episode 9 Camel Clutch, Reverse STO Dirty Heel
R-Truth Elimination Chamber Truth STO Brawler Heel
Evan Bourne Elimination Chamber Airbourne High Flyer Face
Vladimir Kozlov Iron Curtin Powerhouse Heel

Teams and StablesEdit

The L. James Brothers


  • Punishment Unleashed (Daddy White and Tyrone Kenny)
  • Saint P
  • R-Truth (leader)

ECW StaffEdit

Name Job Debut
Tiffany ECW General Manager Episode 10
Peter Barker Backstage Interviewer Episode 1
Ryan Watts Broadcaster

Episode 1

Jerry "The King" Lawler Broadcaster Episode 9

ECW AluminiEdit

Name Honnors
Mario Berassi First ECW General Manager