Coolest Kids in School (Chris Jorgsten and Ryan Baxter) are a tag team on TNE

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The team competed in 2 dark matches. Their first match was a winning effort against Tyson and Gaz Tower but couldn't beat Devon Aarons in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

On Episode 1 the team captured the TNE Tag Team Championship against the Luchadore Twins by attacking them from behind. In episode 2 Baxter with Chris Jorgsten in his corner lost to Patriota with Dos Santos in his corner. After Ryan Baxter's loss in episode 2 at Doomsday CKS defeated the Luchadore Twins in a 2 out 3 falls tornado tag match. With Jorgsten winning the match with 2 falls. In episode 3 the team hosted a show mocking the luchadore twins. In episode 4 Jorgsten took on Tyson but lost by DQ when Ryan Baxter jumped in and lead to the main event to that night, Jorgsten won the tornmoil match by last defeating the debuting xXx. At TNE Violence Ryan Baxter lost a tables match to Tyson, where the team would put their tag team championship on the line the next night. Jorgsten lost a TLC match for the TNE World Heavyweight Championship. The next night the team lost their tag team titles to Tyson & RSJ. On episode 7 Jorgsten attacked Baxter turning him face and the team broke up.

The FeudEdit

Chris Jorgsten turned face by attacking Ryan Baxter and debuted a new theme with a new attire. Jorgsten pinned Baxter in a tag team match. At TNE Summerslam Baxter beat Jorgsten and said he was ready to be a champion on his own. At TNE Lockdown Jorgsten pinned Baxter ending their feud.

At TNE King of the Ring Ryan Baxter became the TNE World Heavyweight Champion.

In WrestlingEdit

Finishing Moves:

Chris Jorgsten

  • STO

Ryan Baxter

  • Backstabber

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